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I am sure you will agree that the last few months have proved a challenging time, and many people have been frustrated that they have not been able to get to their regular exercise classes.


Many trainers have turned to platforms such as Zoom to keep in touch with and deliver their classes to their loyal clients.


The Vitahub Virtual Studio has been developed to provide the ideal platform for trainers to provide a professional service and enable clients to access classes at a time to suit themselves.


Watch this space as new courses are added.


Paul Ashburner
Registered Osteopath and Posture Specialist
Founder of VitaHub

Committed to your health!

Whether it is for rehabilitation after an particular injury or you are training for a specific sporting event, or you may just want to join one of our fun exercise classes, the VitaHub Virtual Studio is the place to find the right class for you.

Building a daily routine of stretching and exercise is shown to be beneficial to general health and wellbeing.


VitaHub has teamed up Instructors and trainers across a range of disciplines including; yoga, pilates personal trainers and dance instructors to provide a wide range of classes to suit everyone, and which can be accessed from home or anywhere in the world, at a time to suit you.


Select the class to suit you!

Yoga for Runners

Ready for the season ahead?


Running - don't you just love it.....but it can be so frustrating when you're not making the progress you want.  Maybe you're picking up little niggles, finding it hard to recover or are just not noticing the improvement you had hoped for.


How about trying something new?


YogaTonic UK's Runners Package provides unlimited access to 25 online classes ranging from pre and post run stretches to hour long classes that will help you stay injury free, aid recovery and build concentration whilst also building strength and endurance.


The Yoga for Runners package will help runners of all levels; no yoga experience necessary. 


For only £19.99 add a regular stretching routine to your training to help hit the targets you've set yourself.

Seated Dancing 

Dancing for Health CIC is a non for profit organisation that uses dance programmes to help people with long term health conditions, serious illness, the elderly, disabled and those that are vulnerable or lonely. We are pleased to announce that our Seated Dance programme is now available through the Vitahub platform.


The classes are fun routines choreographed to up lifting music, low intensity dancing in your chair, to help you stay active and socially connected whilst at home through the pandemic. Group and individually packages available. 

Watch as we bring on more classes for you


Plus, all the classes are recorded and stored in an archive on the MEMBERS

ONLY website so you can replay your favourite classes or catch up in your own

time if the LIVE SHOW TIMES don't work for you.

Join the growing number of individuals who are using VitaHub to help improve their Health and Wellness

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