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7 Steps to StrongPosture

With Dr Steven Weiniger
Posture Specialist


Improve your posture in just 10 minutes a day with the StrongPosture® step-by-step program that will provide lasting results.

  • Relieve pain
  • Strengthen balance
  • Increase flexibility
  • Breathe easier
  • Look & feel younger

Pilates: Beginners & Intermediate

With Sarah-Jane
Pilates Instructor


Experience this method of exercise that consists of low impact, flexibility, 

muscular strength & endurance movements using the 6-principals of Pilates:, to improve;

  • postural alignment, 
  • core strength
  •  muscle balance

Yoga Classes For Runners

With Tim & Shannon
Yoga Teachers


Created with runners in mind.

  • Stretch whole body
  • Improve core strength  
  • Enhance flexibility  
  • Help concentration
  • Focus on breathing
  • Assist recovery  
  • Injury prevention

Seated Dancing Classes

With Tracey Barnes
Dance Instructor


For people with long term health conditions, the elderly or disabled, people with reduced fitness levels with proven results: 

  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Improve breathing
  • Improve mobility

Health & Wellness

1st Steps to Better Health

With Paul Ashburner
Wellness Coach

Learn about simple lifestyle changes that you can make in different areas of your life which will make massive positive benefits to your health.

  • Embrace your challenges
  • 36o° approach
  • Improve relationship with food

Reclaiming You

With Susan Monroe

Wellness Coach


A powerful 90 day transformational support programme which is based on a 360 degree holistic approach to health and wellbeing;

  • reduce stress and burnout
  • feel more energy
  • build foundations to make new & positive lifestyle changes

Summer Cleanse

With Paul Ashburner
Wellness Coach


A simple cleanse to help you revolutionise the way you think about food, and reshape your body;

Benefits of the cleanse:

  • Determine Food Allergies
  • Jumpstart your metabolism
  • Reduce cravings
  • Release toxins
  • Learn food types
  • Reduce inflammation

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