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Dancing for Health CIC have developed an online Seated Dancing programme to help people with long term health conditions, it also assists the elderly or disabled, people with reduced fitness levels, those commencing on extended terms of anticipated recovery, and also patients engaged within the new Social Prescribing channels. 


These seated dancing programmes are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. They offer a fun activity that not only keeps you physically active but also socially connected whilst at home through the pandemic.


So if you love dancing and fancy dancing in your chair as an exercise to improve your wellbeing, then these sessions are just for you!


Tracey Barnes

Dance and Fitness Instructor

Founder of Dancing for Health CIC

Committed to your health!

The Dancing for Health live online Seated Dancing sessions help provide many health benefits. Through research, evaluation and feedback methods our dance programmes have been proven to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. 83% of participants noticed physical improvements in mobility and flexibility and 100% of participants surveyed said they had found both social and emotional benefits from attending the seated dancing sessions.


Physical Wellbeing

Participants had physical symptoms such as breathing difficulties, fatigue, aching limbs and restrictions in mobility. The dancing sessions were designed with these health needs in mind, and participants appreciated the seated format, the adaptations, and feeling comfortable at being able to opt out and rest when they needed to.


Mental Wellbeing

Participants talked about the dancing being a distraction from their illness and having positive effects on their mental well-being. 


Social Wellbeing

Our participants have talked about the benefits and importance they felt from the social interaction of the group. Our groups have bonded very well, they share experiences, and new friendships have formed that will hopefully continue outside the dance sessions. 

Dancing For Health Group Class

Dancing for Health CIC continues to develop relationships with health and social care providers and those with an interest in integrating these programmes into their support services.  


This package is suitable for;

• Care Homes

• Hospices

• Other healthcare support groups

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This package is suitable for individuals affected by a medical or age related condition, such as;

• Cancer


• Heart/Stroke

• Mobility issues

• Arthritis

• Isolation and mental health issues.

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